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"Complying with the existing mobile vending code makes it difficult, if not impossible, for food truck operators to earn a living. Mobile vendors need to have access to customers to succeed, yet it appears that current laws are designed to limit the number of people a food truck operator can realistically expect to serve.

I want to live in a city that encourages small business, but current food truck policy does the opposite. As a Pittsburgh resident and consumer, I support pro-food truck reform because I desire good and plentiful dining options. Furthermore, I want my city to create a business environment that empowers entrepreneurs of all types to add value to the place I call home."



Learn about the Food Truck issues we are working on by reading notes from our classes on local laws, the Food Truck laws, our Open Letter and the proposed changes to Pittsburgh's Law (Full text found here).

Please sign the petition or write your City Councilperson directly to show your support for Pittsburgh's Mobile Food Industry. Find your council district.

Help us to change Pittsburgh's food truck laws
so that we can:

  • be somewhere for more than 30 minutes
  • park in metered parking spots
  • not wait until January to buy an operating permit
  • be open late at night when you're hungry
  • not choose our locations with a measuring tape
  • improve your lunch diversity

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Get to know your local food trucks!

"Food is starting to take the place in culture that rock and roll took 30 years ago, in that eating has become incredibly political. Just as the street has always dictated fashions in music, it's starting to happen that way in food."
- Jonathan Gold

Franktuary: Hot Dogs and Poutine.

Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese, Dipping Sauces

Tacos and Homemade Drinks



Saucy Mamas

PGH Pierogi Truck

Bella Christie and Lil Z's Sweet Boutique

Street Foods

SouthSide BBQ Company

The Waffler Truck

The Food Truck of the Future?

Your Mom's Food Truck?

The Food Truck of All Food Trucks?



The Pittsburgh Mobile Food Coalition was founded in 2012 as a collaboration between the Saxifrage School, Franktuary, and other local food trucks.

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Write each truck individually at the e-mail listed in the directory. To hire the Franktuary truck, write

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